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Bancovo - Creation of an innovative fintech platform

We cooperated with Alior Bank to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and quickly and easily obtain cash via the internet. Apart from building the entire platform, our team was also involved in the onboarding of specialists on the client-side to manage the Bancovo application.

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2017 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

A fintech platform enabling users to choose among more than 25 financial, banking and non-banking institutions.

The complexity of the platform required a variety of skills; with the end-user application including a system for communication with many financial institutions as well as a reporting system and an extensive back office.

The Bancovo application Speednet delivered consists of more than 100 microservices. Translating this complexity into a user-friendly and transparent interface required a lot of involvement from UX designers.

Our team not only built the platform, but also managed the successive onboardings of new specialists (client’s employees), who were to take over and run it on their own.

What was the challenge?

Alior Bank decided to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and quickly and easily obtain cash via the Internet.

The challenge was to, firstly, provide a large team with specialist expertise for a corporate-backed startup project that was innovative on a Polish market at that time, and then, to complete the work on the platform to a fixed deadline of 6 months.

Further work included managing a smooth handover of duties assigned to new Bancovo employees. All this working together with one of the largest private banks in the country.

Speednet and Alior Bank created a fintech platform to increase loan sales

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • JavaScript
  • .NET
  • Java

Speednet Dream Team

We quickly gathered a 15-person strong team of UX designers, business analysts and programmers with knowledge and experience in financial projects.

1 Fullstack Developers 1 Business Analyst 1 UX Designer
6 Frontend Developers 6 Backend Developers

Client’s feedback

(for approval) Speednet’s work has met the mark. The entire product was successfully completed within 5–6 months. The team is well versed in cutting edge technology and have proven themselves to be organized and efficient. Customers can expect a well-crafted product from a fast-paced team.

Useful and beautiful design

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