PAYR - Smart mobile app

We built a smart mobile app for a Norwegian FinTech company

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2017 - 2020

What have we delivered?

The product facilitates bill payments in the Scandinavian countries through a UX-friendly interface. We have built a mobile app that aggregates payments due on a given day, helps the customer pay the bills and provides, as an additional functionality, cost analysis of used services.

A variety of services was assessed using invoices so the customer not only paid bills but also received suggestions for switching to a better-value mobile or banking operator.

What was the challenge?

Payr is a fintech company featured as Startup of the Year and Best Fintech Startup in the national finale of the Nordic Startup Awards, and ranked among the 100 best innovators in the world by H2 Ventures and KPMG. Recently, the company entered the stock exchange.

The company needed support from programmers who would help to finalize the work on the financial services aggregation application and help integrate its functionalities into a coherent solution.

Speednet and Payr created fintech app that summarizes monthly payments, facilitate to pay bills and provides cost analysis of used services

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Firebase
  • GraphQL

Speednet Dream Team

Our mobile development specialists adapted well to the dynamic conditions typical for startups. They created a few prototypes in line with Payr founders’ vision.

1 Android Developer 1 iOS Developer

Client’s feedback

(for approval) Speednet specialists have built a functional application that aggregates sensitive financial information and enables its analysis by our algorithms. The collaboration was smooth and effective despite the returns and changes at the product preparation stage.

Useful and beautiful design

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