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We help educational institutions transform learning practices by providing custom, cutting-edge edtech products.

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Companies for which we provided edtech services

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The opportunities for your business

Improve your performance and growth by building innovative edtech products.

  • Increase the chance to reach potential new clients
    Build or upgrade your current educational platform to attract the attention of investors and new users.
  • Optimize costs by digitizing education
    Avoid office expenses by transforming your educational center into a digital learning studio.
  • Support learning among your employees
    Provide training to your employees with a dedicated learning management system or a custom edtech app.

How we upgraded clients' businesses with our edtech software solutions


Together with expert educators from SWPS University – the best private university in Poland – we have created RESQL, an app to combat peer violence.

The project was recognized as the greatest social innovation in the competition organized during the 13th INTARG 2020 International Fair and won the "Pro Societas Bono" Grand Prix and the Diamond Award!

Carolina Biological Supply

Our edtech developers built a fully operational eLearning platform for Carolina Biological Supply, a provider of science and math educational materials in the United States.

Find out how in just one year the Speednet team took over the project and completely reconstructed the platform’s functionality and UX design.


Our client, one of the leaders of the Polish educational publishing market, decided to be the first publisher in the country to digitize textbooks for teachers.

Read about how a team of 6 specialists from Speednet supported the release of the beta version as well as the live version of the innovative edtech app.

How our clients review our cooperation

The platform is under development according to the client’s sales contracts, but SPEEDNET has delivered on every requirement so far. They balance a high level of quality and speed with their scalable team and careful management. Their proactiveness and dedication make for a solid partnership.
Harold Pearson
Director of Online Systems, Carolina Biological Supply
Today we can unequivocally state that, apart from enthusiasm and commitment, we have got from Speednet competent cooperation, professional service and, what is very important in this relationship, always quick response to our needs. I am very pleased that we have such a trusted partner in our team.
Piotr Ciszek
President, RESQL

Areas of expertise of our edtech software development company

We combine the power of technology and educational practices to ensure an effective and immersive learning experience.

  • Web & mobile edtech app development
  • LMS & LXP development and integration
  • Gamification solutions
  • eLearning platforms
  • Cloud-based edtech solutions
  • UX/UI audits & design
  • Predictive analytics and reporting
  • Skill assessment and evaluation software

How we build edtech applications

There are a few things we pay special attention to when creating edtech products.

  • 01


    • Ready to scale to a growing number of users
    • Reliable software architecture
    • Easily customizable solutions
  • 02

    Modern UX/UI

    • Mobile-first design
    • Intuitive interface navigation
    • Streamlined in-app interactions
  • 03

    3rd parties integrations

    • Secure data exchange
    • Different platforms integrations
    • PCI DSS-compliant payments
  • 04

    Regulations compliance

    • GDPR compliance
    • Accessibility guidelines
    • eLearning standards SCORM, xAPI and AICC

Our models of cooperation

We offer different models of cooperation to match our delivery process to your business needs.

Dedicated development team
The model is intended for clients who lack a development team and need complex support from not only developers but also business analysts, UX/UI designers, project managers or QA specialists.
Team extension
The model is intended for clients who only need a few developers to join the project and help accelerate the work, or who need a specific developer in a chosen technology.
The model guarantees a fixed budget for the project, regardless of the time and expense. It lets you set a fixed, final cost of the cooperation.
Time & material
In this model, the client is billed based on the actual time spent on the project and is based on an hourly or man-day rate. It is also the most flexible approach to software development.

Let’s discuss your needs

Tell us more about your project so that our edtech experts can help you bring it to life.

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FAQ: Edtech software development

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about edtech software development.

A common challenge facing educational businesses is a lack of direction or strategy. To perform a successful digital transformation of an educational product, companies have to create a strategy for it including all the necessary features and business goals. An edtech software development company can support the process and guide clients on the most suitable technology, methodology and strategy.
Learning management systems (LMS) are used to support learning by providing a space where materials can be stored and organized. The systems are used to track users’ progress and assess them based on their achievements. LMS is used in schools and universities but it can also be implemented in workplaces to support learning among employees and to give them proper training.
The cost depends on the edtech software development company you work with. The average cost of developing an education app with basic features can start from $15,000 to $25,000+ depending on the needs of your business and team you hire for the product development. However, it’s difficult to make an estimation because everything depends on the complexity of the solution. You can send us an inquiry with a description of your project and we will provide you with an estimation based on that.