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Fintech software development company

Helping companies transform their financial services with smart fintech solutions.

Cube industries

Companies we’ve worked on fintech solutions with

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Sectors for which we provide financial technology

We serve a spectrum of clients who provide financial services.

  • Insurance companies
  • Investment companies
  • Funds & trusts


  • retail banks
  • corporate banks
  • community banks
  • credit unions

The value our fintech software development company can bring to your business

Let us discover an opportunity and revolutionize your financial product.

  • Use analytics to interpret customer data
    Get insight into customers’ patterns of behaviors to understand their needs better.
  • Create an omnichannel experience
    Integrate your key digital channels to provide customers with a seamless experience.
  • Provide high-level security of data
    Implement biometric verification, 2-factor authentication or code-generating mechanism to your fintech app to ensure the highest security level for customers.
  • Improve customer service
    Increase the efficiency of your customer support services thanks to intelligent chatbots and automated solutions.
  • Expand payment options
    Give your customers a wide range of payment options: digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, in-app purchases and more.
  • Optimize costs and efforts
    Leverage automation where possible. Save time and effort on operations such as invoicing or lead scoring.

How we solved our clients’ problems with smart fintech solutions


Payr, a Norwegian fintech innovator holding the title “Best Fintech Startup” in the national finale of the Nordic Startup Awards needed iOS and Android experts to build a fintech mobile application.

See how our cooperation turned out!


We cooperated with Alior Bank to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and to quickly and easily obtain cash via the Internet.

Apart from building the entire platform, our team was also involved in the onboarding of specialists on the client-side to manage the Bancovo application.


Almost 90% of credit decisioning in the US is supported by FICO, a leading analytics software company present in 90 countries.

In order to streamline the company’s global workflow in marketing and sales, we engaged in the process of building an efficient CMS platform supporting 9 languages!

We will innovate your in-house operations

Our fintech software development services

  • Financial web and mobile applications development
  • Money transaction platforms engineering
  • Insurance dedicated solutions
  • Investment management apps
  • Digital transformation
  • Maintenance and redesign of existing services
  • Custom tool development
  • Fintech UX/UI review

The process we follow

As a fintech software development company, we successively reach our goal and meet business objectives by following our proven steps and methods.

  • 01


    We collect project requirements, establish the scope of the cooperation and choose an engagement model we’ll be working in. Next, we create user stories to better understand the different components of the solution.

  • 02

    UX/UI Design

    Our UX/UI designers take the lead by creating first prototypes and Lo-Fi mockups of the fintech solution. If there’s a need, we organize design workshops to build the Design System from scratch and take a closer look at the problem we want to solve.

  • 03

    Development & Deployment

    If we choose to work in weekly sprints, we divide our work so that each week we have a product iteration to discuss and make improvements. This way - by receiving regular feedback - we successively reach the deployment phase.

  • 04


    During the process of building the solution, we certainly noticed the potential and possibilities for further product development. Now is the time! Our team can scale your fintech solution further to make sure it stays relevant in the market.

Our cooperation models

Choose the engagement model you prefer to work in - we’re flexible.

Dedicated team
The model is intended for clients who don’t have a development team and need complex support from not only developers but also business analysts, UX/UI designers, project managers or testers.
Team extension
The model is intended for clients who only need a few developers to join the project and help accelerate the work or those who need a specific specialist in a chosen technology.
Fixed price model
The model is about establishing your project requirements and specifications together with the costs before the development begins. It lets you set a fixed, final cost of the cooperation.
Time & Material model
The model is about billing the client for the hours spent on the project, as well as expenses incurred. It’s also the most flexible approach to software development.

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FAQ: Fintech software development

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about fintech software development.

The popular programming languages used by fintech software development companies are Java, Python, and .NET. If you plan to start a blockchain project, you will probably do it in one of these languages: Go, Python, Java, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Scala, C ++, and C# (.NET).
Fintech solutions allow for the implementation of more personalized services.

Not only do financial companies enjoy lower operating costs, but they can react faster to the consumers’ needs as they have access to more detailed information about them.

The rapid development of fintech is also helping to bring new opportunities to businesses and to increase transparency, cut costs and make information more accessible. When it comes to security, implementing a fintech solution is a big step towards secure transactions and data processing.
As a fintech software development company, we constantly monitor the market to be able to predict its future in the context of fintech. The financial sector needs modern technologies to keep customers satisfied with the service. That’s why it’s not a trend or hype but rather long-lasting cooperation. The future will most likely bring stricter data security policies, so to meet new demands financial companies will have to rely on fintech solutions.

Speaking of the future, we can’t forget about blockchain technology. The transparency and trust it guarantees, allows for faster transactions. What’s more, the technology allows financial companies to work more collaboratively in sharing resources, which also makes them stronger businesses.