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Cloud architecture design and consulting
Architecture and design practices are the most critical concerns in cloud projects.
We help companies build systems that can adapt and scale quickly.
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Cloud-native development
Our specialists will take care of your
existing cloud resources. They will help you optimize project workloads and build microservice architecture.
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Cloud hybrid development
Using a combination of public clouds, private clouds and existing resources, our team will build a hybrid solution able to provide you a competitive advantage in the market.
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Cloud migration
Our team will assist you in an efficient cloud migration process. Transferring your business to the cloud will gain security, flexibility, and confidentiality of your data.
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DevOps managed services
Speednet DevOps specialists will help you accelerate the delivery process by introducing automation and effective development cycle monitoring.
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DevOps consulting services
Transform your IT operations by increasing the frequency and reliability of software releases. We will advise you on the best possible solutions.

Transform your business efficiency

Cloud technology will help you build stable and secure architecture for your application.

Ensure smooth deployments with CI/CD
Continuous integration and delivery make the whole development process more manageable and efficient. The CI/CD practices help mitigate the risk, increase code quality, and reduce the time needed to repair a failure.
Optimize costs thanks to resource control
Remote servers eliminate the need for in-house storage equipment as well as the costs related to software updates, management, and hardware maintenance. Cloud services are deployed on a pay-per-use basis so you can optimize the recurring costs by paying for exactly what you need at the moment.
Save time with automatic configuration
Ensure round-the-clock maintenance of cloud servers thanks to automatic configuration and integration. Cloud technology allows you to automatically manage the technology stack for an app through code. Avoid manual processes and save both time and money.
Increase security by uptime monitoring
A service level agreement (SLA) measures your IT infrastructure's ability to meet performance goals. It protects your product by 24/7 uptime monitoring to make sure it is online at all times with no negative impact on your business and revenue.

Work with a team of IT experts

We are a team of specialists who will guide you through the process and help you choose the cloud solution that suits your business needs.

Available when you need us
We operate at hours suitable for your company to be always available when you need us. We are committed to providing full-time support for your business-critical applications.
A dedicated team of experts
Choose to work with a dedicated team of cloud engineers who take care of all your CloudOps requirements to fast-track your business growth.
A tailored approach to your business
We take your business seriously and we approach every case individually to meet clients’ expectations and come up with the most suitable solutions.

We deliver powerful solutions on leading cloud platforms

You can’t drive the performance of your product without a set of reliable tools.

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We follow DevOps best practices

During our work, we follow best practices that secure the development of your solution.
We use DevOps to build reliable, bug-free, and scalable products.

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Continuous Integration & Delivery CI/CD
We automate the integration of code changes by frequent feedback loops between testing and development teams. Thanks to automated build-and-test steps triggered by CI we can be sure the code in the repository is reliable and will be delivered seamlessly in the CD phase.
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We follow the principle of microservices to increase operational efficiency. We focus on breaking down huge problems into smaller ones and we introduce one functional change at a time.
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Monitoring and Logging
We use logging for tracking and storing data to ensure application availability. Our DevOps teams also monitor the system-related issues using diagnostic tools – all to maintain optimal application performance.
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Communication and Collaboration
Continuous feedback ensures team members have all the information needed to do their tasks on a timely basis. This practice helps in identifying and alerting other team members about any failures early on and solve them effectively.
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The value of DevOps

See how much of a difference DevOps can make being introduced to your project.

Time needed for release
Without DevOps
75 percent progress bar
With DevOps
10 percent progress bar
Quantity of specialists required for release
Without DevOps
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5-10 specialists
With DevOps
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2-3 specialists
Quantity of issues after release
Without DevOps
inconsistent graph
With DevOps
descending graph

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Cloud services: FAQ

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients

DevOps stands for development and operations. It is a set of practices and tools designed to increase an organization's ability to deliver applications and services faster without sacrificing quality. We at Speednet use DevOps practices to build more reliable products.
Serverless means that developers can build and run applications without having to manage servers. It is because of the cloud ecosystem that allows for developing products in a fast and scalable way while only paying for the features that you are currently using. The code is backed up on cloud providers like Amazon AWS.
There are plenty of reasons why you should consider cloud development, from cost optimization to improved security and efficiency of business operations. Cloud services take a huge part of the responsibility off your shoulders. You no longer have to perform most of the manual processes related to software updates or integration, and automation is always accessible to assist you in sustainable business growth.