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Take care of your product
with top-shelf
IT support services

Work with a team of experts ready to support your IT infrastructure or to perform micro-optimizations to maintain your solution in perfect shape.


The value of post-release services

Why do you need to support your solution after the release?

minimize scale symbol
Minimize your downtime
window explorer padlock
Keep your software secure
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Maintain peak performance
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Ensure reliability of your business

Type of IT support we offer

Our specialists secure your solution in case of any emergency, but on a daily basis, they work on adapting the software to changing technological requirements.

Infrastructure and development support

We take care of a client’s IT infrastructure and solve all the technology-based issues to mitigate the risk and ensure smooth processing.
Performance monitoring
Backup and recovery
Application maintenance

Advanced IT support services

We handle complex issues and solve them ASAP while staying in constant contact with the client’s team, making sure they are up to date with changes.
Emergency support (a dedicated developer available 24/7)
Implementing workaround solutions (hot fix)
Implementing complete solutions (full fix)

IT expense optimization

Speednet can take over full support of your digital solution and maintain its functionality for transparent prices. This way we optimize your IT expenses and take a huge weight off your shoulders.

IT support reports

Our software engineers will provide you with regular reports about the quality of your solution and the services we implement.

QA Support

Our QA specialists will perform the necessary processes to scan your products’ functionality as part of the development lifecycle.

DevOps support

Speednet’s DevOps engineers will perform the activities necessary to increase the efficiency of work on your product and make it easily scalable for the future.

How does it work?

This is how we deliver IT support services.

We work in the “time & material” model. The cost of software maintenance is influenced by the amount of time spent on the development. The client pays an annual fee for IT support and maintenance, which is 10-15% of the software value.

Type of requests:

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critical warning symbol
Critical system failure
screen malfunction x symbol
System malfunction or configuration
employee question bubble symbol
Client’s question
modification pointing finger symbol
Modification order


Error not related to functionality e.g. ergonomic or design issue

Time to prepare a workaround solution:

2 business days

Time to prepare a complete solution:

3 business days


A bug that affects the functionality of the software & requires additional effort on the part of users to use. A workaround solution is available and acceptable.

Time to prepare a workaround solution:

Next business day

Time to prepare a complete solution:

2 business days



Time to prepare a workaround solution:

2 hours

Time to prepare a complete solution:

4 hours

Category Description Time to prepare a workaround solution Time to prepare a complete solution
C1 Error not related to functionality e.g.
ergonomic or design issue
2 business days 3 business days
C2 A bug that affects the functionality
of the software & requires additional
effort on the part of users to use.
A workaround solution is available
and acceptable.
Next business day 2 business days
C3 Blocker 2 hours 4 hours

Service hours:

Business days
7 AM — 6 PM
8 AM — 1 PM

Get dedicated IT support from
our team

We aim at long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust and openness.

Fast recovery

We implement workaround solutions to keep your business stable until we fix the error in full. This approach ensures a quick recovery thanks to our immediate response.

20 years of expertise

For 20 years, we have been implementing comprehensive risk management strategies to maintain applications and systems of companies across industry sectors.

Tailored approach

Our specialists approach each project individually. We work as a dedicated tech partner and we want our clients to feel keeping their business safe is of most importance.

Our effort was recognized by

The team's efforts are integral to maintaining the success of the business. It's easy to work with SPEEDNET as they maintain a smooth task management style. The team excels at overcoming challenges to deliver promised deliverables.
Nuno Umbelino
Chief Product Officer, Lykon.de
The platform is under development according to the client’s sales contracts, but SPEEDNET has delivered on every requirement so far. They balance a high level of quality and speed with their scalable team and careful management. Their proactiveness and dedication make for a solid partnership.
Harold Pearson
Director of Online Systems, Carolina Biological Supply
They’re a quality team that provides quality service. They’re fast, agile, and understand our needs very well. They adapt to changes we make, and are goal-oriented, working toward the best possible solutions.
Szymon Szczypiński
Head of Product&Communication, BPH Bank
Throughout the project, the collaboration went smoothly: Speednet was able to quickly grasp, based on a few tips, what we needed and come up with a well-thought-out solution. They also dare to challenge our ideas if they believe there is a better way to achieve our goal and their point of view is always well founded.
Pekka Lemettinen
CEO, Pop Pankki Bank
SPEEDNET delivered top-notch work on time. Their team worked in an agile methodology and was responsive to change requests, even mid-way through the project. Although their team organization could be improved, the client is happy with the collaboration.
Katarzyna Nobis-Cyrzyk
Product Owner, Ringier Axel Springer Polska
Today we can unequivocally state that, apart from enthusiasm and commitment, we have got from Speednet competent cooperation, professional service and, what is very important in this relationship, always quick response to our needs. I am very pleased that [...] we have such a trusted partner in our team.
Piotr Ciszek
President, RESQL
Although the app is still in its growth phase post-launch, it has earned high ratings, and users are quickly switching over from the web to the mobile version. SPEEDNET collaborates seamlessly with the in-house staff, working toward constant improvement and efficiency.
EasySend, Product Manager

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IT Support: FAQ

Here are answers to the most common questions related to IT support:

Software maintenance is a part of the Software Development Life Cycle. The aim of IT support is to keep the product safe and up to date with the changing technological requirements. Software developers make sure that an application is regularly updated after its release, experiences no bugs or errors, and maintains high performance.
An IT helpdesk serves a different purpose. It is usually contracted when there’s a need to answer customer queries/requests. IT support relates to the technical support of your solution so that the problems affecting the functionality of your software that need to be fixed are corrected quickly by experienced software engineers.
In general, every product that is released to the market should be constantly optimized, updated, and adapted to keep it relevant to users, secure, and to deliver top performance. A regular support cycle is important to make sure your product functions properly and serves its purpose without major issues. An out-of-date product reflects poorly on your brand; this means that as long as your product is out there, you should support it and keep an eye on it from time to time.