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Mobile app development services

We cover end-to-end development of mobile apps, from business analysis and UI/UX design to product testing and market release.


What do we offer to our tech partners?

What value do we bring to your business?

1M+ satisfied users of our mobile apps
Trust a company with 20 years of experience in the tech game and hundreds of mobile applications used by global brands.
The speed of remote IT team
Working with our IT experts, you can skip all the recruitment procedures and start building your mobile app right now!
Complete mobile app development services
We provide end-to-end development of mobile applications including the MVP, design, testing, deployment, and scaling process.

Industries we specialize in

Our areas of expertise in mobile app development

From the beginning, we focused on the fintech sector which resulted not only in dozens of great projects, but also in us gaining the trust of the leading banking institutions in the country. We helped businesses in their digital transformation by building a lot of high-caliber web and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
We deliver custom insurance applications for banks and global insurance tech leaders. We support businesses by implementing innovation to their products in a form of multi-platform applications, Big Data technology, analysis algorithms, and all wrapped up in a user-centered interface.
We have extensive experience in building eLearning platforms, learning management systems, and EdTech dedicated products. During such projects, we cooperate closely with our UX/UI designers to create an immersive and effective learning experience.
Retail & e-commerce
Our solutions support the work of e-commerce giants and are a major source of gaining new customers for many online retailers. We know how to improve business operations by designing a flawless shopping experience that attracts customers and builds trust throughout the market.

The process of mobile app development

We deliver your mobile application in 5 steps

Business analysis & market research
We verify your product idea, define the business objective, and perform reliable market research to advise on the best solutions.
Product workshops
We continue with product workshops that aim to secure the final result of our cooperation and ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to functionality and UX/UI design.
Prioritizing product requirements
By choosing the most important features of the mobile application, we divide the work on the project into weekly sprints. We also establish our communication flow and tools.
Delivering multiple iterations
Each sprint cycle starts with planning sessions, followed by preparing the design, testing, and releasing an iteration. Everything takes place with your close participation and according to your feedback on what to improve.
Final release & support
Through the process of delivering iterations, we finally reach the end product that aligns with your vision and is ready for deployment. Our post-release support ensures everything works flawlessly. If you decide to further scale your mobile app - our team is here to help you!

Our mobile app development services

Technologies we use to build your feature-rich and powerful product

iOS development
iOS is the second most popular (by number of users) mobile operating system in the world. Build your mobile app working with iOS development experts who will lead your product to success using one of these well-known technologies:
Android development
Our mobile app developers know Android almost inside-out. We can help your business establish its presence in the market by releasing a powerful application for smartphones, tablets, or Android wearable devices. All supported with reliable, dedicated technologies like:
Jetpack Compose

Case studies

Projects we’ve already accomplished

Carolina project

Carolina Biological Supply


Our team took over and delivered a complete eLearning project for Carolina Biological Supply - a provider of science and math educational material in the United States.

Working simultaneously in Poland and the US, we managed to simplify and reconstruct the system to make it intuitive and user-friendly. All in a matter of a year!

FICO project



FICO is a leading analytics software company present in 90 countries.

In order to streamline the company’s global workflow in marketing and sales, we engaged in the process of building an efficient CMS platform supporting 9 languages! Find out how we approached the topic and delivered one of the greatest systems in our career!

Genossen project


Banking & Finance

We worked with Genossenschaftsverband, a large association of craft cooperatives from all over Germany to digitize the auditing process.

Our team - in cooperation with external support - took care of in-depth UX analysis, development, and system maintenance, to finally move the entire audit management to the digital era!

Onet project



Our best frontend developers, designers, and testers engaged in a project for ONET - one of the biggest media platforms in Poland, used by over 4 million people.

Speednet team built the entire frontend for Onet webmail and provided desktop and mobile users with a wide range of mail services through a fresh and modern UX design!

POP project


Banking & Finance

Our team contributed to the digital transformation at Pop Pankki - a group of 26 local cooperative banks located all over Finland.

We delivered a mobile banking application, one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play and App store in Finland. Everything happened in less than a year!

RSQL project



Together with expert educators from SWPS University – the best private university in Poland – we have created RESQL, an app to combat peer violence.

The project was recognized as the greatest social innovation in the competition organized during the 13th INTARG 2020 International Fair and won the "Pro Societas Bono" Grand Prix and the Diamond Award!

SAAR project


Banking & Finance

SAAR LB's credit approval process generated a huge amount of documentation.

To change the status quo, we joined the ranks of Landesbank Saar - a large investment bank in Germany, to digitize their business and improve efficiency. Find out how we approached the challenge to administer a complete digital transformation!

Bancovo project



We cooperated with Alior Bank to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and quickly and easily obtain cash via the internet.

Apart from building the entire platform, our team was also involved in the onboarding of specialists on the client-side to manage the Bancovo application.

Viilea project



We helped a Finnish startup VIILEA in building a revolutionary food delivery service, including locker fridges.

Our team created a solution integrating three apps into a fully operational ecosystem, enabling couriers to deliver food to electronic Bluetooth-accessed lockers.

Wolters Kluwer project



We helped Wolters-Kluwer, an international provider of professional information, to improve their work by building a platform for a quick information bulletin creation.

Our team delivered the MPV in 4 months!

How they describe our work

What our partners say about our collaboration

The team's efforts are integral to maintaining the success of the business. It's easy to work with SPEEDNET as they maintain a smooth task management style. The team excels at overcoming challenges to deliver promised deliverables.
Nuno Umbelino
Chief Product Officer, Lykon.de
The platform is under development according to the client’s sales contracts, but SPEEDNET has delivered on every requirement so far. They balance a high level of quality and speed with their scalable team and careful management. Their proactiveness and dedication make for a solid partnership.
Harold Pearson
Director of Online Systems, Carolina Biological Supply
They’re a quality team that provides quality service. They’re fast, agile, and understand our needs very well. They adapt to changes we make, and are goal-oriented, working toward the best possible solutions.
Szymon Szczypiński
Head of Product&Communication, BPH Bank
Throughout the project, the collaboration went smoothly: Speednet was able to quickly grasp, based on a few tips, what we needed and come up with a well-thought-out solution. They also dare to challenge our ideas if they believe there is a better way to achieve our goal and their point of view is always well founded.
Pekka Lemettinen
CEO, Pop Pankki Bank
SPEEDNET delivered top-notch work on time. Their team worked in an agile methodology and was responsive to change requests, even mid-way through the project. Although their team organization could be improved, the client is happy with the collaboration.
Katarzyna Nobis-Cyrzyk
Product Owner, Ringier Axel Springer Polska
Today we can unequivocally state that, apart from enthusiasm and commitment, we have got from Speednet competent cooperation, professional service and, what is very important in this relationship, always quick response to our needs. I am very pleased that [...] we have such a trusted partner in our team.
Piotr Ciszek
President, RESQL
Although the app is still in its growth phase post-launch, it has earned high ratings, and users are quickly switching over from the web to the mobile version. SPEEDNET collaborates seamlessly with the in-house staff, working toward constant improvement and efficiency.
EasySend, Product Manager