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Web development is what we do with passion!

Create your product - exactly the way you see it - while working with experts in the field of web development.

Web development under the eye of specialists

20 years of expertise to rely on

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Globally recognized projects
We deliver software that acts as a foundation for the biggest innovators in the insurance and finance sectors. Our expertise is appreciated by clients all over the globe.
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Over 200 talented developers ready to join you
For over 20 years we’ve been supporting companies by providing web development services on the highest level. Our developers are true experts who can lead your project to success.
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Ease of scaling the team
up or down
Do you need more hands on board? Scale your development team - up or down - with ease, depending on your requirements and project status. Get the advantage of our flexibility.
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Saving on in-house resources
Working with our IT specialists, you can skip all the recruitment procedures and start developing your web solution right now. This way you save both money and time!
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Post-development support
We like to take care of the software after its release - we can provide you with post-development support to ensure everything works flawlessly.

Areas of web development we
specialize in

Here's what we offer in the world of digital

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    UX & UI design
  • screen e-commerce shop symbol
    E-commerce development
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    CMS development
  • mvp development symbol
    MVP development
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    Frontend development
  • backend checkmark symbol
    Backend development
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    API development and integration
  • security checkmark symbol
    Security audit
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    Cloud architecture and migration

Our success stories

Our team delivered dozens of outstanding projects

We joined the team of our clients or took over their projects to accelerate development, innovate their business and improve their position in the market!

    The credit approval process generates a huge amount of documentation. To change the status quo, we joined the ranks of Landesbank Saar - a large investment bank in Germany, to digitize their business and improve efficiency. Find out how we approached the challenge to administer a complete digital transformation!

  • Genossenschaftsverband

    We worked with a large association of craft cooperatives from all over Germany to digitize the auditing process. Our team - in cooperation with external support - took care of in-depth UX analysis, development, and system maintenance, to finally move the entire audit management to the digital era!

  • Onet

    Our best frontend developers, designers, and testers engaged in a project for ONET - one of the biggest media platforms in Poland, used by over 4 million people. The Speednet team built the entire frontend for Onet webmail and provided the desktop and mobile users with a wide range of mail services through a fresh and modern UX design!

  • Bancovo

    We cooperated with Alior Bank to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and quickly and easily obtain cash via the internet. Apart from building the entire platform, our team was also involved in the onboarding of specialists on the client-side to manage the Bancovo application.

  • FICO

    FICO is a leading analytics software company present in 90 countries. In order to streamline the company’s global workflow in marketing and sales, we engaged in the process of building an efficient CMS platform supporting 9 languages! Find out how we approached the topic and delivered one of the greatest systems in our career!

  • Carolina Biological Supply

    Our team took over and delivered a complete eLearning project for Carolina Biological Supply - a provider of science and math educational material in the United States. Working simultaneously in Poland and the US, we managed to simplify and reconstruct the system to make it intuitive and user-friendly. All in a matter of a year!

Client testimonials

What we hear from our partners

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The team's efforts are integral to maintaining the success of the business. It's easy to work with SPEEDNET as they maintain a smooth task management style. The team excels at overcoming challenges to deliver promised deliverables.
Nuno Umbelino
Chief Product Officer, Lykon.de
The platform is under development according to the client’s sales contracts, but SPEEDNET has delivered on every requirement so far. They balance a high level of quality and speed with their scalable team and careful management. Their proactiveness and dedication make for a solid partnership.
Harold Pearson
Director of Online Systems, Carolina Biological Supply
They’re a quality team that provides quality service. They’re fast, agile, and understand our needs very well. They adapt to changes we make, and are goal-oriented, working toward the best possible solutions.
Szymon Szczypiński
Head of Product&Communication, BPH Bank
Throughout the project, the collaboration went smoothly: Speednet was able to quickly grasp, based on a few tips, what we needed and come up with a well-thought-out solution. They also dare to challenge our ideas if they believe there is a better way to achieve our goal and their point of view is always well founded.
Pekka Lemettinen
CEO, Pop Pankki Bank
SPEEDNET delivered top-notch work on time. Their team worked in an agile methodology and was responsive to change requests, even mid-way through the project. Although their team organization could be improved, the client is happy with the collaboration.
Katarzyna Nobis-Cyrzyk
Product Owner, Ringier Axel Springer Polska
Today we can unequivocally state that, apart from enthusiasm and commitment, we have got from Speednet competent cooperation, professional service and, what is very important in this relationship, always quick response to our needs. I am very pleased that [...] we have such a trusted partner in our team.
Piotr Ciszek
President, RESQL
Although the app is still in its growth phase post-launch, it has earned high ratings, and users are quickly switching over from the web to the mobile version. SPEEDNET collaborates seamlessly with the in-house staff, working toward constant improvement and efficiency.
EasySend, Product Manager

The importance of frontend

We take care of the frontend performance

Our company values the visual side of products as well as their server-side. Your solution will be secured from every angle, providing users with a remarkable user experience.

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The frontend is responsible for

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First impression
The quality of the frontend defines the first interaction the customers have with your product. The product should attract users and make them more interested in your service. Therefore, our priority is to provide a smooth and consistent user interface.
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The functionality of your web app highly depends on the frontend as well. Users entering an app with poor graphics, runtime errors, HTML problems, and other issues won’t be satisfied with the general offer and are not likely to return.
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User experience
Your favorite app that you use every day is the one offering a great user experience. Considering how much it means to us - the users - and how it influences our choices, every web product we build is wrapped up in a useful, intuitive, and well tested UX.
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Successful branding
Frontend development is essential in conveying your branding to the customers. A web application should have a consistent design so that the users can easily associate colors and graphics with the business profile.

The importance of backend

We support the backbone of products

The backend is the core of your solution and it
must be built in solid and reliable technology in
order to provide high performance.

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The backend is responsible for

security padlock symbol
Without the proper backend infrastructure, your web product is at immediate risk of incurring a major cyber-attack. Make sure you’re baking security into the application code itself to avoid data breaches.
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Scalability is the ability of a product to cope with the increase in workload when adding resources. An increase in the number of visitors reduces the performance of web applications, especially of those with a poor backend.
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Software logic
The backend of a web application comprises its software logic to send the appropriate data back to the client. It is mainly responsible for information processing and triggering of proper events in the proper sequence.
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Frontend performance
A solid backend lays the foundation for frontend performance. The two sides need to cooperate in order to provide a fully functioning product, capable of attracting the attention of its users.

What we do to secure web

How we deliver your web solution

We build, scale, test, and launch products that gain global recognition, all thanks to our proven steps and methods.

In-depth business analysis
To gain a better understanding of the project, we start by learning your business objective. Our team performs solid research around your market niche to obtain preliminary answers.
Product workshops
Business analysis is followed by product workshops that aim to secure the end-result of our cooperation and ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to functionality and design.
Product backlog
We create the product backlog so that all the tasks in the project are added to a roster, which is then used to prioritize features and divide our work into weekly sprints.
Sprint cycles
Each sprint cycle starts with planning sessions, followed by preparing the design, testing, and releasing an iteration. Thanks to daily communication, we are able to successively react to client feedback and introduce improvements.
Final release
After a series of iterations, we reach the final version that aligns with your vision and is ready for deployment. If you wish to further scale your solution - you don’t have to look far!
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Our tech stack

We base web products on the top-shelf technologies

Our expertise includes the most innovative solutions that we build using modern technologies and frameworks.

  • Java
  • Node JS
  • PHP
  • React
  • Angular
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