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We created webmail interface for Onet email service which attracts 4.3 million users.

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From the very beginning, our aim was to support worldwide enterprises as well as local small and medium-sized businesses by providing top-shelf IT services. We are distinguished by extensive expertise in the financial and banking sectors, as well as our strategic approach to product development.

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Our manifesto

This is what we belive in and this is what we want to manifest. Various customers and their needs, various projects and requirements, various methodologies and tools, ajustable approach, agile proccess, tailored solution.
Our aim is simple - building incredibly advanced products through professional and dedicated development teams. If you wish to start developing your product, we are ready to discuss it right away!
Perfection & Quality
This means that what drives us is the constant will of developing our projects, in order to deliver the highest quality performance.
Knowledge & Experience
We are focused on building a community that shares knowledge and can solve any problem that arises on the road.
Professional & Expert
Building advanced products is possible thanks to professional and committed development teams - 64% of our team are seniors.
Relations & Transparency
We are a company that values its customer's needs and communicates clearly. We take responsibility for our words, choices ans promises.

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Our company is located in Gdańsk in the north of Poland.

Want to visit us? Our office is on the 20th floor at the highest building in Tricity – Olivia Center. Tricity is one of the largest metropolitan areas in central Europe and a technological complex of the most advanced IT companies.

Tricity is the IT talent pool including over 25 000 professional developers.
We are surrounded by startup zones, business incubators and Technology Parks.
Gdańsk is the location of Infoshare - the biggest tech conference in CEE.
We support young talents and educational programs.
We have extensive experience in the area of FinTech and Banking.

We are member of Euvic Group which associate over 4 500 IT specialists

Euvic Group

In the market since 2000, we still stand by the same values!


Long-term success approach

Delivering products that provide a competitive advantage and are ready to be scaled in the future to stay up-to-date with the market.


Strategic partnership

Increasing customer satisfaction through taking ownership over the product growth and implementing an outstanding product strategy.


Effectiveness of actions

Undertaking difficult projects and implementing them within the estimated time & budget and in accordance with the established expectations.


High engagement

Being engaged in the process since the very first meeting and showing our interest in the product through guiding clients to the best possible solutions.


Post-release support

Taking care of the behavior of your product - even after the end of our cooperation - and ensuring that the product works flawlessly.

We have specialists in all major work methodologies

To deliver a high-quality solution on time and within a budget, we adapt the work model to the client's needs and the project specifics.

  • Kanban 1

    We implement Kanban to visualize the flow of our work and improve transparency by using the Kanban board.

  • SCRUM 2

    We use SCRUM on a daily basis, as it allows for more flexibility in the course of changing project requirements and helps us deliver solutions according to your product vision.

  • Waterfall 3

    We depend on Waterfall when the nature of the project allows it, or when the client prefers to work in a given Waterfall model.

We deliver quality, following our proven process

  • 01

    Business analysis

    We verify your product idea, define the business objective and advise on the best solutions.

  • 02

    Product workshops

    We aim to secure the final result of our cooperation and ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to functionality and product design.

  • 03

    Project backlog

    By choosing the most important features of the product, we divide our work into sprints. We also establish our communication flow and tools.

  • 04

    Delivering multiple iterations

    We deliver your solution in a series of iterations, each modified in accordance with your feedback and reviewed during regular project meetings.

  • 05

    Final release

    We reach the end product that aligns with your vision and is ready for deployment. If you decide to further scale your mobile app - our team is here to help you!

For us, “good enough” is not enough!

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At Speednet, we use two different settlement methods.

Time&Materials - it’s when we charge for the hours of our developers’ work. The customer pays for the time worked at the rates specified in the contract. We provide an estimation of the time needed for the implementation of the project tasks.

Fixed price - it’s when the work on the project is planned and carried out in a manner adapted to the client's budget. This settlement model allows clients to have more control of the total cost of the development.

Among others, there are a few things you should definitely pay attention to: your business objective and product vision, technological stack needed to build your product, market niche, budget, reviews of the company’s clients, and reviews of the products the software development company has created.

Even if you have your internal IT department you may lack experience e.g. in a given industry, expertise e.g. in a specific technology, or simply time and resources that can be provided by an external software development company. Working with an external tech partner also means you can focus on the core of your business while our developers deliver what’s needed for you.

When we form a dedicated team for our client we pay attention to all the factors mentioned in the above answer. First of all, we base our choice on the client's business goals and project requirements. We match the requirements with the experience and skills of our developers and select a dedicated team able to bring your product vision to life. You also take part in this process as we provide you with the CVs of developers we chose to support you.